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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Last Man Standing - A few years ago at the annual Heartzones® conference in Denver I met a man they call Pinkhouse. He got his nickname because his wife, Helen, wanted to paint their house pink. His real name is Paul Camerer, and he is turning 90 years old this week. To celebrate his birthday, Heartzones® with the help of his friends from the Pinkhouse gym, The Sally Edwards Company and Timex have organized a 5K Walk or Run called "The Last Man Standing" It begins tomorrow, Sunday December 21, 2008, at 1pm in Sacramento.
Join us!  The entry fee is just $10,  Packet pickup is at Nepenthe Clubhouse (corner of Swarthmore and Commons Dr - 111 Commons Drive, Sacramento CA.  Pick up your packet at 1pm and then walk over to the Howe Ave Bridge and start the course.  After you finish, join us back at the clubhouse for a lovely potluck dinner and celebrate Paul's birthday.

Pinkhouse has amazing cardiovascular fitness for a man his age.  He has been running since the 60's, and has completed marathons, and races all over the country.  In the photograph above, Annie and Pinkhouse exchange a friendly handshake before the Pinkhouse challenge while Dr Carl Foster watches in the background.  

Pinkhouse started a gym in his garage, a cycling club to be more specific.  And for the past 10 years friends and neighbors have gathered each morning with their bike to start the morning with a workout.  The Pinkhouse Gym has actively participated in other community events here are some photos, courtesy of Pinkhouse gym members.

To enter the "Last Man Standing" 5K you must sign the waiver and informed consent release, read it carefully.

"I am aware of the hazards inherent of chooing to get fit and run to celebrate Paul Camerer's 90th birthday. The side effects of traiing and finishing may include more energy, increased metabolism, sense of well being and happiness, loss of body fat, more friends, and being with my loved ones. I indemnify and release my parents and all others because it isn't their fault. In case of emergency, please contact my family and friends and ask to them to continue to support my commitment to participate in the LAST MAN STANDING 5K. If found off course, please send a run angel immediately to re-direct my efforts."

Grab your shoes, and 10 bucks, and meet me there at 1pm tomorrow!


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